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This event is General Admission Standing Room on the Floor, and Reserved Seated in the Balcony.


Thirty years into their iconic career, Sleater-Kinney continues to inspire feminist rebels armed with guitars and loud voices. The band has returned with a new album entitled Little Rope (prod. John Congleton), one of the most honest and soul-bearing albums of their career. In the fall of 2022 Carrie Brownstein received a call from bandmate Corin Tucker, who herself had just received a call from the American embassy in Italy. While vacationing in Italy, Carrie's mother and stepfather had been in a car accident. Both were killed. As Carrie and Corin moved through the early aftermath of the tragedy, elements of what was to become the emotional backbone of Little Rope began to form – how we navigate grief, who we navigate it with, and the ways in which it transforms us. But while this tragedy was personal, the songs create parallels to a wider collective grief felt via attacks on women's reproductive rights, the anti-LGBTQ movement and global unrest. Three decades in, Sleater-Kinney has proven their vitality, relevance and importance in music and culture more than ever.
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Die Spitz is a mayhem-inciting force founded in January 2022. The quartet (Ava Schrobilgen, Chloe Andrews, Ellie Livingston, and Kate Halter) is known for their unruly stage presence, bombarding their crowds with a wall of sound. Die Spitz continues to penetrate the music scene with unparalleled momentum, sharing stages with heavy hitters Amyl and the Sniffers, L7, and OFF!. These childhood friends turned musicians have recently premiered a double EP on vinyl, The Revenge of Evangeline and Teeth, capturing this live energy. As Lee Ackerley of Austin Monthly put it: “youthful moxie has never sounded so good”.
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