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This event is General Admission Standing Room on the Floor, and Reserved Seated in the Balcony.


The Dead South have never been about constant reinvention, but about full commitment to their own singular way. With confidence in their sound and style and trust in each other, The Dead South arrive at the cusp of explosive global success in an enviable, and well-earned, position: total autonomy. It doesn’t really matter what you call their music - progressive bluegrass, alternative Americana, country, folk and western, what matters is that this is theirs, and people from all different backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, languages and ages love it.

True blue right through, The Dead South don’t shy away from ruffling traditionalists’ feathers from time to time, as they flawlessly execute banjo rolls and lightning-fast mandolin tremolos, 3-part harmonies and songs of classic themes -murder ballads, disloyalty, ghosts and the like, all with a wink and a smile. As they continue their climb to the top, The Dead South have learned an important lesson: If you’re going to be outsiders, you’d better be great.

Confirmed by the passion of their Dead South cosplaying fans, who go to concerts in the band’s signature look, this four-piece acoustic set from the middle of the Canadian prairies have found their people. Good Company, as they call themselves, is a global community of vastly dissimilar folks who might not see eye to eye, but who stand shoulder to shoulder at the gigs.
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Henry Wagons is the mad professor of song. His fierce intellect was, once upon a time, hurtling toward a career as a philosopher, was derailed by a record deal, a thirst for whisky and insatiable passion for making music. There is no songwriter or entertainer who casts the same kind of ever-curious, startlingly present shadow on stage. The man is a master craftsmen of the stage, and takes his place upon it like no-other.

With a career in music that has spanned nearly 20 years, he has made six albums as benevolent dictator of the band “Wagons” and also two solo albums, as well as taking part in a slew of diverse side projects which includes hosting acclaimed weekly radio program “Tower of Song” on national broadcaster Double J. Henry is creative force that is now truly reaching the full extent of his powers. With many a grand scale project set to unfold in the next decade, Henry is a musical force you need to see.
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