Prohibited Items

The following items are strictly PROHIBITED. Anyone attempting to enter the venue with any of the following items will not be admitted.


– ‘Backpacks or large bags are prohibited we have no coat check
– Weapons of any kind
– Knives or sharp objects (including spiked jewelry)
– Projectiles or explosives
– Illegal substances of any kind
– Illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia
– Prescription drugs not in appropriate containers (ID must match prescription label)
– Opened / unsealed over the counter medications/vitamins or eye drops
– Outside food or beverage
– Open containers
– Selfie sticks
– Go Pros
– Flyers, stickers, posters
– Items that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of the crowd and/or inflict damage to people
– Water guns, misters, or bubble guns
– Glass in any form
– Oils or salts
– Sage, incense, herbs used for smudging
– Large chains (including wallet chains)
– Metal spikes (including those on apparel i.e. belts, necklaces)
– Helmets
– Laser pens, pointers or similar light device
– Hula Hoops, Poi
– Totems, flag poles or flags
– Inflatables furniture or balls
– Combustible products or materials
– Paint of any kind including paint markers and spray paint
– Pens or markers
– Skateboards, roller blades or skates are prohibited we have no coat check
– Camelbacks or Bota Bags (must be EMPTIED before they can enter)
– Fireworks
– Frisbees
– Drones and/or other similar flying apparatus
– Aerosol cans, regardless of content
– Flashlights larger than 5”
– Animals or pets (Service Animals/Guide dogs permitted with valid credentials)